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About Paris Louvre Apartments

Building Description: Paris is considered as one of the cultural capitals of the world. The city attracts millions of tourists in a year and they want perfect places to stay and enjoy their visits. Paris Louvre AParmetns provide an excellent opportunity for that as they are located in the historical heart of Paris and offer world class facilities. The serviced accommodation comes with fully furnished interiors and plush décor. High speed internet connections are also available in most apartments.
Accommodation: Each of the executive serviced apartments has been designed in a manner to provide ample sunlight and create an airy vibe. Each unit has its own unique design that is an excellent blend of French elegance and Western minimalism. Each unit is approximately 30 meters in its total floor plan with exposes stone walls, wood floors and beams on the ceilings. The whole apartment has been beautifully designed with modern furniture, high speed internet access, satellite TV and other amenities. Queen size beds with comfy bedding and duvets will keep the guests in comfortable slumber. Ensuite bathrooms have modern amenities with bath tubs and showers and French toiletry products along with towels. The apartment staff will provide the guests with additional bedding items, work desks and other amenities if they have made special requests.
Location: The apartment hotel is just 30 meters away from the world famous French museum, Louvre. This means that tourists will face no problem in simply taking down the steps of their serviced apartments and entering the museum. The serviced accommodation itself is hosued in a 17th century building that has just recently been renovated and offers contemporary comfort living. Internationally renowned Parisian cafes, restaurants and pubs are all a short walking distance away from the hotel. Paris Metro provides the best connections to all parts of the city and suburbs.

Paris Louvre Apartments, Paris




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